Drive Milano is a company that provides services of Rental With Driver (NCC), Chauffeur in the Milan area, Lombardia.

Registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Milan Lodi Monza Brianza, with VAT number IT 07636820966, REA number LO-1468769, and with the registered office at Avenue 6 Pavia, Lodi (LO).

As a point of departure and return is calculated by the city of Milan. The services are performed at the request of users on itineraries, established timetables, and a determining condition.

The Rental With Driver services are provided with the Business class cars (eg. Mercedes E class), Business Van (eg. Mercedes V class) and Luxury class (eg. Mercedes S class).

The service of rental with driver is done exclusively by drivers in possession of Certificate of Professional Qualification CAP B е Inscription to the Provincial Role.

  1. Registration

It is possible to register the user on the Drive Milano web portal, by entering mandatory .


  1. Name
  2. Surname
  3. E-mail address
  4. Mobile number

Companies / Companies:

    1. Name, Surname or Company name
    2. E-mail address
    3. Mobile number
    4. VAT number, tax code

2) Booking

The booking of the services of rental with driver (NCC) is done online with the insertion of credit card data, with a minimum period of 3 hours before the start of the service.

 The NCC service provides:

1. Transfers

2. hourly disposal

The hourly disposal includes a minimum rental of 2 hours with 20 km included in each hour.

In the booking form, the user must indicate children under the age of 7, the total number of people and luggage, the need for safety devices for children such as: child seats.

Reservations are only allowed by adults over 18 years of age.

In the final phase, the booking summary will be displayed. With the receipt of the confirmation email from Drive Milano, the reservation of the service is always guaranteed.

For any clarifications, extra or particular requests, you can contact the number +39 3208459499 or send an email to [email protected]

3) Rates

Prices include: 10% VAT, motorway tolls in Italy, waiting times.

Waiting time:

• 1 hour in airports and ports

• 30 minutes train stations

• 15 minutes hotels or other addresses

Prices DO NOT INCLUDE: ZTL (limited traffic areas), parking lots, cartoons, ferries, tunnels, bridges and trains.

4) Supplements

The provider of the rental service with driver – Drive Milano – reserves the right to apply additional costs:

1. During the night time, from 10 am to 6 am the 10% supplement is applied

2. For services performed on public holidays (Sunday), during National Holidays such as New Year, Christmas, Easter … a 10% surcharge applies

5) Payment terms

Payment is made on the website of the service provider, www.drivemilano.com, via electronic online payment systems with credit / debit cards in a secure manner, Pay Pal, Amazon Pay, or similar.

To confirm the quote, the customer must pay the entire amount indicated by the system.

6) Cancellation of confirmed services

Before making a reservation, we recommend to read the contractual rules carefully.

Once the reservation has been confirmed with Drive Milano, the customer accepts and approves the cancellation and FAILURE PRESENTATION regulations (no show – point 7)

Free cancellation of services is allowed with a minimum of 12 hours of the beginning of the confirmed and paid service. The repayment of the payment will be made 100%.

If the cancellation is made within a period of less than 12 hours from the time of booking, the service will be paid 100%, without any refund to the user by the NCC service provider – Drive Milano.

For more information, please send an email to: [email protected] or call +393208459499

7) Missed Presentation (NO SHOW):

The missed presentation or NO SHOW is foreseen in the case in which the passenger had booked the service and without prior notice did not show up at the time, date and place established in the booking form – a 100% penalty

8) Billing

Once the debit of the amount on the credit card, Pay Pal has been passed, will be sent an e-mail confirming the successful transaction together with the receipt. At the user’s request, via e-mail, an electronic invoice will be issued.

9) Vehicle requirements

All means used

  1. Are in possession of the envisaged enrollment certificate and in compliance with the current provisions regarding annual auditing
  2. They are in possession of the municipal authorization to carry out the Rental with Driver service

At the edge of each individual vehicle, the user is provided free of charge: water, tissues, Wi-Fi, telephone charger, radio, CD player.

All vehicles are of the recent generation and do not exceed the age of 5 years.

10) Forced service interruption

The interruption of the service due to force majeure does not entail the right to a refund. In the event of a technical breakdown of the vehicle, the service provider – Drive Milano – is obliged in minimum terms to replace the vehicle and bring the service to its end, without additional costs from the user.

11) Lost property

The driver, at the end of every single service, is required to check the presence of objects forgotten at the edge of the vehicle. In the absence of such verification, the service provider – Drive Milano – is not liable for lost or found items.

12) Standards

Passengers on board the cars are required to keep their seat belts fastened for the entire transport period.

It is forbidden:

  • To smoke
  • Eat pizza, sandwiches or other types of food that can dirty or damage the car’s interior
  • Consume alcoholic beverages
  • Throw objects from vehicles
  • Transporting pets without having adopted, in accordance with Drive Milan, all the measures necessary to avoid damaging the car
  • Carry out requests that cause the driver to violate the safety and behavior rules provided for by the current Highway Code
  • Carrying on board drugs and, in general, anything not permitted by law;

The driver may refuse to provide the service if one of the conditions listed above is met.

13) Damage caused by the user

Any damage caused to the vehicle or its accessories by the user will be charged to the person in charge or to the purchaser of the trip.

14) Refunds

Any refund requests must be sent to [email protected]

The reimbursement, if due, will take place within 15 working days.

15) Privacy

Drive Milan respects the current legislation for the privacy of its Customers.

Drive Milan reserves the right to periodically update the following terms and conditions without notice (unilaterally).